COVID-19 is causing global shutdowns in every sector from airlines, to local businesses.

Social isolation is the only safe way to 'flatten the curve' and protect our fellow Americans and loved ones.

We encourage you to stay home 4 everyone's health.

And we challenge you to encourage others.


Step One

Step Two

Step Three

Create a video sharing how you are spending this time at home. ex: favorite at-home workouts, crafts with kids, exploring new hobbies

Share your video on social media platforms, using the hashtag #StayatHomeChallenge

Nominate FIVE of your friends to take part in the #StayatHomeChallenge

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Flattening the curve means the more proactive we are with preventative measures such as social isolation, the smaller the outbreak of COVID-19 will be.


Tips from Dr. Karen

Dr. Karen Sutton discusses the importance of social isolation and the spread of COVID-19.

#StayatHomeChallenge Workout 03.16.20

COVID-19 Questions for Sports Medicine

Five Tips for Social Distancing by Dr. Karen Sutton.

How to deal with Mental Stress and Anxiety amidst Covid-19

An outdoor workout for preteens and teens.

#StayatHomeChallenge Workout 04.06.20

Dr. Karen M. Sutton is an orthopaedic surgeon, and an Associate Professor at Weill Cornell Medicine Hospital for Special Surgery, as well as a leader in the fields of fitness and sports medicine.

Unfortunately right now, social isolation is the only way to protect ourselves and our loved ones from a more widespread infection of COVID-19. Stay Home 4 Health aims to promote healthy choices, as well as provide up to date information from a network of medical professionals.

#StayatHomeChallenge is our way of encouraging digital connections between loved ones during this period of isolation.